またEAGLE TOKYOグループは、「ル・ポールのドラァグレース」に出演したドラァグクイーンのショー「WERQ THE WORLD」を2020年3月に誘致するなど、世界中のドラァグクイーン文化と交流を深める活動をしています。


A party for all lovers of drag and RuPaul's Drag Race, in the heart of Shinjuku No-Chome, Tokyo’s Gay Capital!

RuPaul's Drag Race is the Emmy-winning competition TV series that joins legendary queen RuPaul on her search for America’s Next Drag Superstar! The show has launched the careers of a new generation of drag superstars. We follow them through a number of challenges where we see them laugh, cry, fight, work together and eventually sashay away one by one until we crown a champion. It’s definitely the hottest LGBT content right now, but is enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

RUPAUL'S DRAGMANIA is a club event where you can watch the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race with your friends and a crowd of fun-loving fans. You can also enjoy performances from local drag performers, great DJs, special themed cocktails, and even enter a lip sync battle of your own! Decide your favorite queen and come along to cheer her on!

For event dates, check this site. All adults are welcome at this event.



日本最大級のゲイバー/クラブ、1号店であるEAGLE Tokyoと共に外国人観光客が必ず訪れるとも言われる人気スポット。ゲイアーティストの「児雷也」氏による巨大壁画も有名。週末にはGOGO Boysやドラァグクイーンのショータイムも開催され賑わっている。

EAGLE TOKYO BLUE is one of the largest gay bars/clubs in Japan and is definitely a must-visit for any trip to Tokyo. The stylish space is popular with both locals and tourists, featuring a huge mural by gay artist JIRAIYA. The bar venue turns into a party space on weekends, with DJs, Drag Queens and GoGo Boys performing special shows you can only catch at EAGLE TOKYO BLUE.

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